QHSE Management

  • Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) Management.

  • Incident Tracking to comply with Regulatory Agency Requirements and allow for Risk Mitigation.

  • Training, Certification and Document Management.

  • Perform Audits and Drive Correction Actions.

  • Environmental Impact Tracking and Analysis.

  • Automated Alerts, Escalations and Approvals.

  • Optimized for Tablet and Smartphone Field Usage

Retail Gas

The Retail Gas Management Solution built on the Salesforce CRM platform solves the key challenges faced by fuel retailers:

  • Real-time analytics and sales pipeline visibility.

  • Consolidate siloed data puddles into a single data repository.

  • Streamlined contract management for reduced cycle time and improved vendor management.

  • Standardize business process with automated approvals and workflows and custom industry modules such as new station on-boarding and location schedules.

  • Seamless integration with external systems such as SAP, Oracle and SQL Databases.

Western Canada Salesforce Quickstarts

  • Clear path to immediate return on the Salesforce license investment.

  • Tight focus on configuring the mostly highly used Salesforce components Implementation time measured in weeks.

  • Quick win to prove value to the executive team.

  • Real time reports and dashboards.

  • Core data loaded into a central repository.

  • Smartphone and tablet ready.